Plarn is a marvelous way of recycling plastics, from grocery bags to cassette tape! The name comes from the amalgamation of "plastic" and "yarn." It has become increasing popular because it is a 'green' craft, reusing materials that are normally thrown away. It is inexpensive because the materials are free and it requires little preparation to produce great materials to work with.
Plarn is also a great material because it is water-proof, light-weight, and strong.
For more information on plarn, see The Joys of Plarn group on FaceBook.


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I have played with things other people refer to as "crafts" since I was young enough to move! Fascinated by all the materials and methods available, I am constantly interested in learning new crafts and perfecting old ones. More creative than perfectionist, and more practical than fanciful, I share here the toys I play with and the results of my journeys...

Some favorite crafts books!

It's hard to list all of the great resources I have enjoyed for crafts, and many of the goodies are out-of-print, but there are always new and amazing sources for crafts methods and ideas. I highly recommend these books: