Some More Great Sources!

Interweave Press is a spectacular source for all of the fiber arts. Their printings are creative, classy, and always worthwhile. Once you get to know them, you'll look to these folks all the time. Check out these Interweave Links: and more! Can you believe it? Wait until you see what they offer!



September has come once again, and once the flurry of first-day-back-at-school activity has passed, it means one thing: more time to craft!
My To Do list for crafts projects is very long this year, as I have committed myself to working through all of those bins of supplies I haven't had time to work on while the kids were very young--and I'm tired of carrying them around every time I move, and of putting the projects on hold until "some day." This is my challenge!
Now I realize that every crafter has piles/bins/boxes/closets full of play things in their stashes, but since I do so many different kinds of crafts, you can multiply the usual stash by about 7! I have wool to spin into yarn, yarn to knit and crochet and weave, fabric to sew, and books full of ideas I have been collecting for years. NOW I GET TO PLAY WITH THEM AT LAST!
You will see these projects cycling through Crafterly, and I hope they provide ideas for your projects!


Beading opens a whole new world of crafting, because it is so flexible and can incorporate virtually anything around us. Shells, nuts and bolts, wire--the things in our junk drawer can become works of art.

One of my favorite sources for beading supplies is Fire Mountain. I just saw this amazing beaded necklace on their site today. They offer free instructions--and tutorials on beading!

I just love the alternating rhythm of the drops on this necklace:

You can find it on the Fire Mountain Gems website at Single-Strand Necklace with Blue Celestial Crystal® Beads and Sterling Silver Chain