Make a Scarf Like Dr. Who's!!! 

Have you ever watched Dr. Who on the BBC? I used to watch him all the time when they played the show on PBS. I love all the Dr. Whos, but my favorite of all time is Tom Baker, Dr. Who #4. He's witty, crazy, and even dashing in his miles-long scarf. So when I saw this, I had to check it out!
I found this on one of my favorite blogs and had to share!

You can crochet or knit one for your favorite Whoovian to wear on their next excursion through time and space.


Fiberwork for Animal Relief!

If you like to knit or crochet, and you want to help some animals, here's a way to do it:

"Many of our wildlife rehabbers use knitted or crocheted nests for the very young wildlife. These nests act just like nests in the wild, to secure the young, allow them to snuggle together and to maintain body temperature.

 "Please use yarns that are not too "snaggy", double up your yarn and stitch in very tight stitches (so that tiny arms and legs can't slip through). Colors do no matter! The babies do not care what their nests look like."

How about that?! For more information, check this source. And please show us your nests!


Start Something Christmas-y

Every year, people around the world start their Advent calendars, counting down the days to Christmas. Now you can make a memorable Christmas project that works like an Advent calendar: one section per day, counting down through December... I found this, and just had to search it out for you all!
Knit it in whatever color(s) you choose! Find the pattern directions here. Now get ready by December 1st, and you can be done by Christmas!

Make Your Own Holiday Butterfly!



This is the time of year when you want to get out all of your beads and start making things--fast--for the coming holidays!

 Here's one of my favorite sources for bead things and bead ideas: Fire Mountain Gems. Their featured artist, Tammy Honaman, gives some good info on beading.

And here's one of her designs, which would be great for the holidays:

You can find the directions at this link.

You'll find lots of ideas here from different beading artists on this site, as well!

So: What have you beaded lately?

3 Free Scarf Knitting Patterns - Spin-Off

Free Knitting Patterns for Homespun Yarn

Three Knitting Scarf Patterns presented by Spin-Off Magazine

Three amazing scarf patterns you can use to knit handspun yarn!
Download the free patterns here.

Bed & Breakfast Pullover - Interweave

Bed & Breakfast Pullover - from Interweave Press

What a great little sweater this one is! I love the simple cables all around, and the more complex cable panel in front. And the contrasting accent at the sleeve and sweater hems.

The pattern's available online for only $5.50! Check it out at: http://www.interweavestore.com/Knitting/Patterns/Bed-Breakfast-Pullover.html


Toast and Toasty: Fingerless Gloves

I just found this wonderful blog and had to share it: A Friend to Knit With.
And she has two easy patterns for fingerless gloves, which are great for this season.
Get those needles out and join me!



My Favorite Time of Year

I love autumn because I'm a New Englander by birth and love the crisp nights of foliage season, and the juicy apples and luscious pumpkins, and apple cider and the smell of wood smoke... Another reason I love this time of year is because this is the time of the many Sheep and Wool Festivals, all around the U.S. and around the world. Shearing time.

 Few things call to me like wool: waiting to be spun, or knitted/crocheted into something useful, or strung on my loom in a warp just asking for its weft. Ahhhh! Wool season!

 One of the biggest festivals of the year is the New York Sheep and Wool Festival, held in Rhinebeck, New York. It's a beautiful location, I hear, and there are vendors from all over the country. For fiber nerds, this is one of the biggies! Which is why I'm sad I haven't made it there yet. But I will soon, I hope. In the meantime, maybe you will be able to make it before I do, and tell me all about it. Won't you?


If I could, I'd be in Rhinebeck!

  NYS Sheep & Wool Festival 
OCTOBER 15th & 16th, 2011 
Saturday 9AM-5PM Sunday 10AM-5PM


Some More Great Sources!

Interweave Press is a spectacular source for all of the fiber arts. Their printings are creative, classy, and always worthwhile. Once you get to know them, you'll look to these folks all the time. Check out these Interweave Links: and more! Can you believe it? Wait until you see what they offer!



September has come once again, and once the flurry of first-day-back-at-school activity has passed, it means one thing: more time to craft!
My To Do list for crafts projects is very long this year, as I have committed myself to working through all of those bins of supplies I haven't had time to work on while the kids were very young--and I'm tired of carrying them around every time I move, and of putting the projects on hold until "some day." This is my challenge!
Now I realize that every crafter has piles/bins/boxes/closets full of play things in their stashes, but since I do so many different kinds of crafts, you can multiply the usual stash by about 7! I have wool to spin into yarn, yarn to knit and crochet and weave, fabric to sew, and books full of ideas I have been collecting for years. NOW I GET TO PLAY WITH THEM AT LAST!
You will see these projects cycling through Crafterly, and I hope they provide ideas for your projects!


Beading opens a whole new world of crafting, because it is so flexible and can incorporate virtually anything around us. Shells, nuts and bolts, wire--the things in our junk drawer can become works of art.

One of my favorite sources for beading supplies is Fire Mountain. I just saw this amazing beaded necklace on their site today. They offer free instructions--and tutorials on beading!

I just love the alternating rhythm of the drops on this necklace:

You can find it on the Fire Mountain Gems website at Single-Strand Necklace with Blue Celestial Crystal® Beads and Sterling Silver Chain



Plarn is a marvelous way of recycling plastics, from grocery bags to cassette tape! The name comes from the amalgamation of "plastic" and "yarn." It has become increasing popular because it is a 'green' craft, reusing materials that are normally thrown away. It is inexpensive because the materials are free and it requires little preparation to produce great materials to work with.
Plarn is also a great material because it is water-proof, light-weight, and strong.
For more information on plarn, see The Joys of Plarn group on FaceBook.


Welcome to Crafterly!

I have played with things other people refer to as "crafts" since I was young enough to move! Fascinated by all the materials and methods available, I am constantly interested in learning new crafts and perfecting old ones. More creative than perfectionist, and more practical than fanciful, I share here the toys I play with and the results of my journeys...

Some favorite crafts books!

It's hard to list all of the great resources I have enjoyed for crafts, and many of the goodies are out-of-print, but there are always new and amazing sources for crafts methods and ideas. I highly recommend these books: