September has come once again, and once the flurry of first-day-back-at-school activity has passed, it means one thing: more time to craft!
My To Do list for crafts projects is very long this year, as I have committed myself to working through all of those bins of supplies I haven't had time to work on while the kids were very young--and I'm tired of carrying them around every time I move, and of putting the projects on hold until "some day." This is my challenge!
Now I realize that every crafter has piles/bins/boxes/closets full of play things in their stashes, but since I do so many different kinds of crafts, you can multiply the usual stash by about 7! I have wool to spin into yarn, yarn to knit and crochet and weave, fabric to sew, and books full of ideas I have been collecting for years. NOW I GET TO PLAY WITH THEM AT LAST!
You will see these projects cycling through Crafterly, and I hope they provide ideas for your projects!

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  1. Glad to hear you get to play with your craft projects now :)