What else can we do with crochet? (Or knitting)

Crochet-Beading Jewelry?!

How about crocheting jewelry? You can crochet soft, light jewelry wire, mixing in beads, to make artful jewelry out of anything you have handy~! Earrings, bracelets, beaded crocheted items...

Check out these Pinterest boards for some great ideas:

Have you ever knitted or crocheted with beads?

Try this out:
http://www.stitchdiva.com/tutorials/knit-and-crochet-with-wire/single-crochet-with-beads"> StitchDiva.com's tutorials to help you knit and crochet with wire and beads
How about free-form crochet? Take a gander at http://www.freeformcrochet.com/designs.html.">these
amazing creations!
There's more to the art form than meets the first glance! Have fun!

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