Baby Blanket CAL, Pt. 8

Part 8 of Julie Harrison's Mixed Stitch Stripey Blanket is something  she calls the Outlined Cluster Pattern.

1. Ch 1, sc across to end.

2. A row of 4-tr clusters: Ch 3, tr in next st, *skip 3 st, 4 tr in next st*; repeat to end, finishing with tr in each of last 2 st.

3. Ch1, sc in next st, 2trtog into the center skipped st of the first row of sc, *3 sc across top of cluster st, then 2trtog into center skipped st of first row of sc*. Repeat * to * to end of row.

4. Ch 1, hdc across to end. Turn. Do not change color.

5. Ch 1, hdc across to end. Turn. Change color.

6. Repeat row 4 in new color. Turn. Do not change color.

7. Repeat row 5 in same color.

Find her full pattern at https://littlewoollie.blogspot.com.au/p/mixed-stitch-stripey-blanket-crochet.html.

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