Baby Blanket, Pt. 7

Part 7 of Julie Harrison's Mixed Stitch Stripey Blanket involves making bobbles. I love making those bobbles! They make such an amazing texture.

1. A row of dcs: Ch 2, dc in 2nd st and to end of row.

2. In the middle row, you make the bobbles: Ch 2, dc in 2nd st and the next 3 st. *Make bobble° in next st. Dc in next next 8 st.* Repeat * to * to end, finishing with dc in last 4 st.
°To make bobble:

Make tr but do not work last two loops; repeat 3 times more (5 loops on hook); pull yarn through all 5 loops and pull snug to make bobble. Sc to "set" the bobble, so it doesn't slip.

3. Another row of dcs

4. Then another double row of sc to finish off this section.

Julie recommends this site for learning to make bobbles. It also explains how to make the bobbles in a different color than the "background" dc st around it. I like this way of making them because the triple crochet stitches make the bobble really pop out from the double-crochet stitches around it.

This blanket is fun to make!

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